Spiritual Adventures

Browse through our Spiritual Adventures as we weave the energies together. We find the trips and itineraries create themselves as the magic of each place speaks to us. If you’re interested in these, or any other sacred sites of the world, let us know. We are always discovering more. Blessings on your journeys, wherever they take you!!

Return of Quetzalcoatl Adventure

Journey into the heart of Mexico, to the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl. As a spiritual leader of his people Quetzalcoatl taught that we all have the power of the divine within. Follow his path as you move through your own initiation and spiritual awakenings in this beautiful land. We will move like a serpent, through the sacred sites of Malinalco, Xochicalco, and Tepozteco, connecting the energies of a magical energetic triangle. We complete our journey of transformation at Teotihuacan, the place where men become gods.

Read more about our Mexico Quetzalcoatl Spiritual Adventure >>

Harmonizing with Pachamama

Argentina is a magical land, many of us have dreamed about and even imagined seeing. Come join us on an adventure to discover her mysteries. This journey will combine sacred sound ceremonies, sacred lands and the culture and beauty of Argentina in an experience that will change the way you look at the world.

Discover the Magic of Argentina >>

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