Argentina Magic and Sacred Sites Adventure

Argentina Uritorco Sacred MountainThe Magic of Argentina
Harmonizing with Pachamama

Oct 29th-Nov 7th, 2017

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Experience the magic of Argentina …

Travel on journey that will take you to sacred sites known only to a few. Argentina is only beginning to be discovered for it’s sacred sites and mysteries, as the spirituality of this land is opening up.

  • Harmonize with crystal bowl ceremonies
  • Hike or Jeep ride up the sacred Uritorco Mountain
  • Energize in magical cascades and rivers
  • Feel the deep energies of the ancient rocks

Uritorco, Sacred Mountain in ArgentinaThe Magical Land of Capilla del Monte

We will stay in Capilla del Monte, a little town of about 12,000 people, in the province of Córdoba, which is in fact right about in the middle of the country. It is at the base of a mountain named Uritorco, said to be one of the oldest mountains on the planet. It is also said to be home to a lot of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial activity.

A walk up this mountain reveals the quartz rocks that it is made of. These quartz rocks are all over the area around Capilla, and are part of the reason this land has such a high vibration.

On this trip you will see the beauty of this area. We will visit the sacred sites that the Comechingomes Indians of days long ago worshipped as power places … Los Terrones, Ongamira, San Marcos de las Sierras, Posta del Silencio and Puerta del Cielo. All in the magical land of Argentina.

Los Terrones, Argentina Sacred SitesWarm climate and warm hospitality

The land here is much like Arizona and New Mexico. March is the beginning of autumn in South America and we will be there during harvest time and during the March Equinox. We will participate in the world wide Circle of Sound Global Harmonization Ceremony on the Equinox day.

Enjoy the beauty of the desert fall in the southern hemisphere … where the stars are different and very bright, where Latin hospitality warms the heart, and time takes on a different meaning.

Few Americans visit this part of the country, so it maintains its unique atmosphere and customs … a place where Spanish is spoken, smiles of friendship are genuine, and lots of máte, the local tea, is shared in a manner of fellowship.

Argentina River, Sacred Sites of ArgentinaThe energy of the rocks and rivers

There are rock canyons made of huge and ancient stones with many stories to tell. You’ll find areas that might remind you of Zion National Park in Utah and other parts of the Southwest.

Sparkling rivers wind through the rock walls of amazing beauty … with beautiful swimming holes where we can take a dip and cool off a bit.

It all carries a special vibration that is found in few other places in the world.

Your trip will include …

You will fly into Buenos Aires and catch a short domestic flight from there to Córdoba, the second largest city in the country. The group will be met at the Córdoba airport and brought up north to Capilla, by land. After the time in Capilla you will be returned to Córdoba, for your return flight to Buenos Aires.

All lodging, meals and travel will be arranged for you, and included in the cost of the trip, for the entire 10 days we will share in Capilla.

Trips to the spots mentioned, as well as others will be offered. We will also have time to relax and reflect on the experiences we’ve shared. And there will certainly be a couple of crystal bowl ceremonies!

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