Mayan Calendar TimeDiscovering Our Natural Rhythms With Time

by Ixchel Tucker, Lady of the Rainbow

“Yet the timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness,
And knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” ~ Khalil Gibran
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The idea of time being anything but linear is difficult for most people to grasp. It only makes sense … one thing happens after another … our world is based on cause and effect.

Yet, is this entirely true? Have you ever had things seem to speed up and happen so fast that you almost couldn’t believe it. Or had times that stretch out and days feel like months?

When the Mayan people described “the end of times” … as the Mayan Calendar came to its completion … what was being referred to is a change in this cycle of linear time, or a “time of no time”Our relationship with time has changed.  It is no longer the linear time we have been so accustomed to.  Time, as a construct of the mind, no longer exists.

From a Universal or Spiritual perspective, it never really did.  Our idea of time was an illusion that was created for our convenience.  It helped us to see the world as cause and effect.  It helped us to move along from point A to point B.  And it helped us work in cycles of growth and evolution.

What if none of that was ever true?

What if we could just “be” with what is, right now and always?

We have lived with our lives focused on past and future.  We’ve all gotten used to planning things and having “agreements” that things will happen in certain ways, at certain times, all ordered and playing out as we think they should.  We set goals, make agendas, and set appointments according to these ideas of time.

Yet the native and indigenous cultures of the world had no need for clocks.  Even their calendar systems, such as the Mayan Calendar, were following a Sacred Time.  They were (and are) connected to their intuitive senses, tuned into their environments and things happened when the time was right.  Could we learn to live that way in our modern culture?

The Mayan Calendar was obviously not the “end of the world”, though it has been described by some as the “end of time”.  Consider what this “end of time” might mean for you.  Intellectually it is very difficult to grasp what it feels like to live with a different concept of time and how to be with it.

Reflect on this.  Take a step back, as an observer, and notice how things have been changing. Have you noticed that your own relationship with time is shifting?

Viewing time from the Mayan perspective, you may see things like:

  • Your memory and connection with events of the past has shifted.  Your past doesn’t have as much pull on you as it has before.  This can be very freeing!
  • You have a stronger sense of where and what you should be doing.  As you act on this you will develop a stronger relationship with “real time”.
  • You can no longer plan and know what you will be doing very far into the future.  However, you will know in the moment exactly what to do.  As you work with this inner sense of knowing, it will get stronger and stronger.
  • Synchronistic experiences increase.  You may think of something you want or need, or someone you want to see, and suddenly the Universe lines up and everything is happening in a Divine Order.
  • Manifesting and the power of creating your desires is also speeding up.  As you become clear about your desires the way to bring them about shows up.


The key is it keeps coming back to you.

It is your own clarity that is needed, as well as your increased attention and action on your intuition.  When you don’t know yourself, or you don’t know what you want, your confusion will reflect in what shows up in your life.   When you don’t act on intuition, you will have more challenges arise.  It is a time beyond what we’ve experienced before, with more opportunities than ever to create the life we’ve truly wanted.  It is time to bring as much clarity as possible to what that is.

If you’re finding yourself wondering, unsure of your next step, not knowing how you will do what you feel called to … focus on that clarity in you that “knows”, deep down what it is you want, and then turn it over and let the Universe bring it to you.

The time is NOW!

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Ixchel Tucker, Lady of the Rainbow, Spiritual GuideIxchel lives life as a Sacred Quest. Her journeys have taken her to Sacred Sites around the world, landing in Mexico, where she lives part of the year. Her passion is to help others open to their own Sacred Self.She works with people in a very experiential way, preferring awakening through adventure and movement. Ixchel has a deep connection to the ancient places of the world, where people before us have left their mark.

Ixchel facilitates personal transformation through workshops, ceremonies, retreats and sacred site adventures.  Read more about Ixchel …

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