Mexico: Journey with Quetazalcoatl - Sept 2021

Mexico Amatlan sacred sitesJourney with Quetzalcoatl

Toltec-Maya Wisdom

Sept 17-27, 2021

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In the heart of Mexico …

Follow the path of Quetzalcoatl as we wind our way, like a the serpent, through the sacred sites of Mesoamerica. Within the small villages south of Mexico City lies a powerful energy center. This is a magical land, still holding it’s ancient beauty and allure.

Highlights of the trip:

  • The energy triangle of the pyramids of Tepozteco, Malinalco and Xochicalco.
  • Visit the Posa of Quetzalcoatl, where the enlightened leader of the Mexican people was baptized and given his name and role.
  • Temezcal or Sweat Lodge Ceremonies
  • Aztec Dancing
  • Pyramid of Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, where Men Become Gods.


Mexico Amatlan Quetzalcoatl Sacred SiteTepoztlan/Amatlan – Birthplace of Quetzalcoatl

Our journey begins here, in a small valley nestled in the mountains. This magical pueblo is the home base for our journey. Here we will experience our initiation and connect to the powerful sacred site of Quetzalcoatl, participate in ceremony, and receive our Mayan name. Those who wish can hike to the pyramid that sits on the mountain cliff, overlooking the town.

Mexico Posa of Quetzalcoatl, sacred sites

The Poza of Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl was known throughout the Mesoamerican region as both a mythical god and a man. As a man he represented many Christlike qualities.

The Poza is a sacred pool where this man was baptized and took on the name of Quetzalcoatl. On the walk there we will see the Mexican countryside, with fields of corn. Then the trail drops into a lush canyon, where we walk along the stream to the Poza.

Xochicalco Pyramids

Xochicalco is an impressive multicultureal center of the Mesoamerican people. We will visit the ancient city, with pyramids and other structures. Due to it’s advanced architectural and cultural developments, Xochicalco was the most important city in the Central Highlands of Mexico. It is the place where the cultures came together to synchronize their calendar systems, which were regarded as sacred to the people.

Mexico Malinalco PyramidMalinalco, Pyramid in the Mountain

Malinalco is another small pueblo, surrounded by circular mountains. We will climb to the Temple of the Eagle and Jaguar Warriors, a well-preserved Aztec temple that overlooks the town. Malinalco completes the energy triangle.

Come enjoy the semi-tropical paradise of Central Mexico! Known for it’s eternal spring climate, this is one of the most beautiful environments in the country. Our 12-day trip will include quiet days just to wander and explore on your own, visits to local villages and artisan markets, and ceremonies with the Mexican people.

Experience the richness of Mexico! Embrace who you are, as you embrace the world!

From México for the World . . . the Toltec-Maya prophecy

Legend tells that our historic priest-governor, Ce Acatl Quetzalcoatl, also known as Kukulkan by the Mayas, before he left this world as an “enlightened being” and melting with the light of the morning star or planet Venus, announced his prophetic return but not as men, rather as a new collective consciousness . . .

Ancient Mexico is coming back and prepared to receive you with this awakened consciousness wisdom, following the powerful year of 2012, when on 5th of June this prophecy was fulfilled by the astronomic phenomenal of Venus positioning between Sun and Earth.

Come to Mexico to discover the wisdom of the Sacred Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl.
Our journey will be centered in Amatlan, the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl.

Be part of the Consciousness Awakening, on The Return of Quetzalcoatl Journey, twelve days in the most powerful and deeper energetic-spiritual experiences, with connections of his direct teachings of this historical priest, now recognized as the last american avatar, he is compared with Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and other great spiritual masters.


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Our Mexico Guides

Ixchel TuckerIxchel, Spiritual Guide

Ixchel lives life as a Sacred Quest. Her journeys have taken her to Sacred Sites around the world, landing in Mexico, where she lives part of the year. Her passion is to help others open to their own Sacred Self.
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