Why Choose Us?

We care about your journey

From the moment you register with us we are connected with you, caring for your physical, as well as your internal journey all along the way. We support your Quest, whatever it is for you, and give you our loving guidance. YOU are important and you are not alone.

Healthy meals with attention to dietary needs

Many of us have special dietary needs and traveling can be even more challenging for us to find the right foods, whether we are vegan or vegetarian, meat eaters, gluten free, dairy free, or sensitive to certain foods. The list goes on … and eating at fast food stands or getting food on the road makes it hard to nourish our bodies well. We pay special attention to the needs of each person and do our best to accommodate all dietary needs. We want you to feel good!

Almost all meals included

Almost all meals are eaten together, as a group, and included in the price of your trip. This includes some picnic lunches. We find that sharing meals brings us together, building our group energy. On an occasional free day, when we are in town, you have plenty of food choices of your own.

Localized accommodations with caring service

We prefer to stay in a central space for most of our trip, and whenever possible we find accommodations that offer outdoor areas and places you can enjoy on your own. Rather then impersonal hotels, we find establishments or lodging that encourage our group interaction and connection to nature. We keep hotel stays to a minimum, for those nights when traveling back and forth wouldn’t make sense.

Travel and drive time kept to a minimum

While we like to include visits to many of the powerful sites in an area, we have structured our trips and itineraries so that we don’t have long days of driving, spending more time at each of the sites.

Time to explore and connect at sacred sites

Each person has their own, personal way to connect to the power of sacred sites. We allow plenty of time at sites to explore and discover what they mean to you. You can walk around, sit by a tree, meditate on a pyramid, or whatever your heart calls you to do.

Ceremonies and rituals are at your choice

We encourage personal choice all along the way. Any ceremonies, rituals, meditations or other practices that you don’t feel connected to, you have the choice to not participate. We would not want anyone to feel pressured in any way.

We will encourage you to push your own limits

The spiritual quest is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, to meet that place where your true growing begins. We will encourage and support you on your journey, helping you find that place and make the decision of when to step forward and when it’s just not right for you.

Open to all people, of all spiritual beliefs

Our spiritual adventures are open to all people, regardless of race, religion, spiritual practices, sexual orientation, or other. We guide people to connect to their own divinity, whatever that means for them.

Strong group connections will be formed

We spend this time, throughout the journey, traveling together. From the time we meet to the time we part, we are not only on our own trip, we are also a part of each other’s trip. At Adventure Quests we believe that each group is magically and divinely brought together and that part of the experience is what we become as a group. We will share the laughter, joy, challenges and more along the way. You will form bonds that can last a lifetime!

More than a site-seeing tour

We have full itineraries, rich with sacred sites and power centers. But our trips are not so packed with stops that you don’t have time to catch your breath. We integrate free time, shopping days, and a lot of fun into the trip.

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