by Ixchel Tucker

One of our biggest challenges in the area of prosperity and abundance is our self worth.

We wonder “who are we to do wondrous things?”

How could we possibly afford to do what we want?

We’ve become slaves to our jobs, our lives, and everything around us.

Do you truly think this is how God wants you to live? To keep you entrapped, with no energy, on a treadmill, going nowhere?

I don’t think so. I believe that God/Spirit/the Universe has something much more fun in mind. I think the true Divine Plan is one of happiness and our greatest joy comes from living in alignment with our own sense of purpose, one that we know from a soul level.

For me, one of my biggest joys comes from helping others see how simply wonderful they are. Everyone of us has a unique piece in the Universe, not for anyone else to judge or figure out, but one that only you can discover for yourself.

When you discover and know how important that is, and you realize you each have a unique piece to the puzzle to bring, then your questions of self-worth fade away. You simply are who and what you are, you know it and from your inner knowing others will see it and even be inspired by it.

So I encourage you to just take a moment, close your eyes. Ask yourself a few questions:

“If I could be anyone or anything I wanted to be, who or what would that be?”

“If I held a special spark that I could bring the world, what would I want that to be?”

“If I could live my dream life, what would that look like?”

“If everyone saw me the way I would want them to, what would I look like? What would they see?”

Let these questions form images in your mind. From these images you will see that you already know the answers, you already know yourself. You already know your deepest inner desires, your soul wishes.

Take some time and connect with that part of yourself that you probably have kept hidden from the rest of the world. You might not have felt safe showing that face to the world. Take some time and reconnect with yourself, hold yourself with love and compassion, and ask the Divine to hold you as well, helping you to know that you are perfectly safe.

I encourage you to go back to this place daily. Keep on connecting with yourself until you know that part so deeply and passionately that you know you can come from that place in everything you do in the world. And then simply practice ‘being yourself’. We need YOU!

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Ixchel Tucker, Spiritual GuideIxchel lives life as a Sacred Quest. Her journeys have taken her to Sacred Sites around the world, landing in Mexico, where she lives part of the year. Her passion is to help others open to their own Sacred Self.She works with people in a very experiential way, preferring awakening through adventure and movement. Ixchel has a deep connection to the ancient places of the world, where people before us have left their mark.

Ixchel facilitates personal transformation through workshops, ceremonies, retreats and sacred site adventures.  Read more about Ixchel …

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