Sacred Sites PowerUnderstanding the Power of Sacred Sites

by Ixchel, Lady of the Rainbow

People who are awakening and connecting to their spiritual nature are discovering an interest in sacred sites all around the world. With that, spiritual travel and tours are becoming one of the fastest growing industries among spiritual seekers.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” — T.S Eliot

What is the allure of sacred sites? How do we connect with the energy of these power places?

On a sacred site trip to France last year I found myself pondering the power of the sites that I was visiting and how to ‘work’ with their energy. We were with a guide who was quick to point out where the energy centers were, but did nothing to help us understand them.

It was about our third day on the journey and there I was, in Saintes Marie de la Mer. I was standing in the chapel, in front of a painting of Jesus, where he had his hand over his heart.

As I gazed up at the painting I thought to myself that I didn’t need some Divine Revelation. All I really wanted was to be able to bring through as much love as Jesus did in his lifetime. I wanted to live my life from that place of pure love. I wanted to do as Jesus, to help others know how truly loved and special they are, to bring people closer to their own divinity.

I stood there, right on the energy center where the lei lines crossed, and focused my intention in that way. I focused on feeling the energy, bringing it into me, so that I could find more of my own divinity and use it in that way. I felt good.

In doing this I was reminded that the way we connect with the power of sacred sites is different for each of us, and different each time and each place we visit. There is no right or wrong way. Whether we feel the energy or not, it affects us and we get what we need and what we are ready for and open to receive in that moment.

Sacred Sites, Thin Places, Lei Lines

Sacred Sites hold a strong energy, they have been described as the thin places, where the veil between heaven and earth is more open and we are able to feel more connection to the divine.

Since ancient times man has known of these places, gone to them to pray and perform ritual. Temples and pyramids have been built on power places, designed with sacred geometry and precision, to harness the most of this powerful energy.

Sacred sites long forgotten are being rediscovered at an alarming rate.

All around the world there are headlines of new sites being found. With the awakening and emergence of the Divine Feminine, archeologists are uncovering sites of goddesses. They are understanding more of the role that women played in our history. There are temples and grand pyramids being discovered as well.

It is time. We are all awakening to the ancient knowledge and wisdom that was hidden, buried and forgotten. Though the written records may be lost, the people long gone, the wisdom is within each of us, and going to these places helps open the portals within us, to that inner knowing that we’ve forgotten.

“As above so below. As within, so without.”

The outside world and the inside world are one. Everything in the Universe exists within our bodies. When we go to these places we can use this understanding to align the outer experience and the sacred energy we feel with our own bodies and our souls. Let what is in us come alive.

Listen to your spirit’s call and follow your desire to explore.

Take your intention with you. Ask for what it is you want. Ask for guidance on your path, or help in understanding. Be open to whatever insights, understandings, or messages you receive.

Go with an open mind and open heart, ready for the experience. Let go of expectations or a need for your experience to be like anyone else’s.

Challenge yourself. Be aware of your fears and push your limits, but just to where you are ready to go. Find the balance of stretching yourself, while not going too far, too fast.

Ask for and expect support from others, such as your leaders or guides. Let your guides help you feel safe and supported on your journey. When you feel safe in being held and supported you can stretch a little further, knowing someone has your back.

Most of all, embrace the adventure. When your spirit calls to you to experience more of life, follow it’s guidance. The more you open and connect to your divinity, the more you open the channels for you intuition and inner truth to flow.

“Whatever’s Good For Your Soul, Do That.”

Your soul withers and dies when you ignore its needs. Open to the possibilities and discover a new world, a new you.

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Ixchel TuckerIxchel lives life as a Sacred Quest. Her journeys have taken her to Sacred Sites around the world, landing in Mexico, where she lives part of the year. Her passion is to help others open to their own Sacred Self.She works with people in a very experiential way, preferring awakening through adventure and movement. Ixchel has a deep connection to the ancient places of the world, where people before us have left their mark.

Ixchel facilitates personal transformation through workshops, ceremonies, retreats and sacred site adventures.  Read more about Ixchel …

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