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What is a Spiritual Adventure?

When we feel the call for something beyond the ordinary …

Our Spirit longs for deep experience, beyond our daily routine. We feel the call to adventure, the pull of the open road, to travel, to step out and move beyond.

A Spiritual Adventure is traveling with a sacred purpose. It involves slowing down, taking the road less traveled, and going inward in reflection while exploring sacred sites, letting ourselves be changed by the experience.

Sacred Awakening through Adventure and Experience

We believe that each person is a Divine Being, that you have the answers you need within yourself, and that you are unique and special, with a special reason for being here. Through loving support we hope to help you discover the true gifts inherent and already there, within you.

We find that opening and awakening to ourselves comes naturally through movement, adventure and experience. We combine the elements of spiritual travel, sacred sites, ceremony, ritual, and meditation to help facilitate inner transformation. We work together to provide a safe and loving environment for you to have the best experience possible.

Explore our selection of Spiritual Adventures.

Classes / Workshops / Teleclasses

Our classes and workshops are designed for bringing more magic into your life. We simply haven’t been brought up to see the magic that is all around us.

As we learn to bring more awareness to the old habits and patterns, to see through the belief systems we were taught, we can open to the beauty of creation and an everyday connection to the magical and mystical currents that flow through everything.

See our upcoming NEW CLASS: 
Be the Master of Your Own Spiritual Adventure


Backyard Spiritual Adventures

Ceremonies are a way to connect with energies of nature and the spirit world, as well as bringing a deeper connection within our group or community.

Ceremonies have been held in every society and culture throughout the world, but they have become lost to us in our more industrial and intellectual ways of living. We offer ceremonies to reconnect to our ancestors, to the elements of nature and to the medicine ways.

  • Fire Ceremony
  • Women’s Ceremony with the Full Moon
  • Medicine Plant Ceremony
  • Cacao Ceremony
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