To the Toltecs “This is Not Our Real Home, Just A Way to Eternal Life” ….

by Leo Tekoany

Toltec Warriors, Sacred Sites of Mexico

Toltec Warriors, Tula, Mexico

The Toltec people believed the experience of man was truly as spiritual beings, and life on earth was only to embody that on the human level. They saw life here as fleeting and inconsequential compared to the priority of learning to open the spirit and release the divine particle that dwells in us all.

At its most conceptual and humanized level God was considered a dual divinity, half female and half male. In the Christian religion this would be equivalent to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Son of God on Earth married to the Divine Feminine.

It is also understood as the set of pairs with complementary opposites that build “the world in which we live.”

The ancient Toltec referred to the pair as the “God of Water” (the feminine) and the “God of Wind” (masculine). The first comprises all that is around us, that by its nature is composed of atoms and energy and condensed into matter. The second refers to the other energy (spirit) that makes up the world, the divine breath that gives consciousness to the matter.

The God of Water was called by the Nahuatl (Mexican) word, Tlaloc. The God of the Wind was Quetzalcoatl. The Mayans named this pair Chac (water) and Kulkulkan (wind).

In a similar way, each culture conceived the same pair, symbolized by different names, as our ancestors were a single civilization, regardless of the diversity of the cultures in which such wisdom was expressed.

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