Teleclass: Manifesting Abundance as a Lifestyle

Manifesting Abundance as a Lifestyle

Manifesting Abundance
As A Lifestyle

3-week course
Starting Monday, Dec. 2nd, 2013
5:30 PM PST (approx. 1.5 hour classes)

Cost: $195

Class Description

Come learn about the law of abundance and how to work with this magical energy of the Universe to create the life you want to live.

We will delve into your innermost self to connect with your soul-level purpose and desires. From this place you begin to realize that the tools to express your life purpose are always available, within every thought and action you take.

Create Lasting Change In Your Life by Making Manifesting a Habit

  • 3 Weekly Classes on Telecall
  • Weekly Assignments for Integration and Change
  • Daily Inspiration to Keep On Track
  • Facebook Group Support


In this teleclass you will learn how to:

Manifest what you truly want

We are all manifesting, all the time. But what often happens is that we manifest (or attract) challenges, hardship, and pain or discomfort. We attract exactly the energy that we are putting out. If we are confused, we attract confusion. In this workshop, we work on becoming more aware of where we are at and the what we can do to be in better alignment with our wishes and desires.

Clear the patterns to stop attracting what you don’t want

Our habits and patterns create our reality. Without thinking about it, we have strong patterns from our childhood and life experiences that continue to play out in the same way, until we are conscious of them enough to change them. These old patterns create the same experiences over and over, until we replace them with something else. When you discover what’s holding you back you can make powerful new choices.

Stop struggling so much just to exist or get by

The Universe is abundant and filled with prosperity. When we shift our way of seeing the world, and have faith in the abundance that is there, we can let go of struggle.

Trust in a world of abundance for everyone!

With awareness and practice we can begin to have faith that what we need will ALWAYS show up. You’ll learn to start with where you’re at, start practicing one thing at a time, and before you know it you will see your life is transformed!

Are you ready for a different way of living? Are you ready to live in a world where more and more of us realize the simplicity of living in alignment with the Divine, with the Universal laws, and to use these tools to create a better world for all of us?

I invite you to join us in start creating not just a life, but a world we want to be a part of!!

Presented by Ixchel, Lady of the Rainbow

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