Rosslyn Chapel, Sacred Sites of Scotland

Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland Sacred Sites
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Rosslyn … it could take lifetimes to unravel her mysteries.

The Rosslyn Chapel is a tiny chapel sits upon a hill in the south of Scotland. She was built in 1440 by William St. Clair, as only a portion of a much grander temple that was never completed.

William St. Clair was the first Grand Master of the Scottish Order of Freemasons and evidence of both Knights Templar and the Freemasons is found throughout this small church.

The chapel reminds me of one of those detailed puzzles or paintings where everywhere you look there is something else to see, some of it larger and more obvious, other aspects small and hidden. Literally every surface of the building, both inside and out, are covered with carvings.

The chapel is shrouded in the mystery of the Divine Feminine. There are over one hundred representations of Green Man, a pagan symbol of rebirth and fertility. There are myths of the holy grail, the body of Mary Magdelene, and other treasures hidden in it’s depths.

Apprentice Pillar

Apprentice Pillar, Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland

Of it’s many stories, the one that intrigues me the most is the story of the Apprentice’s Pillar. While the master mason was away in Rome, to find how to build the pillar, the apprentice had a dream and was inspired to build a beautiful and intricately-carved pillar. When the master returned he was so upset to see how the apprentice had outshown him that he killed him with a mallet on the spot.

There is an inscription next to this pillar that reads:

“Wine is strong, a King is stronger, and women stronger still – but truth conquers all.”

What else is hidden in this ancient chapel? What do we not see?

What is your truth? What can you learn from the mysteries of Rosslyn?

You will need to go there for yourself to discover what may be revealed for you. If you do, go with an open heart, open to the Divine Feminine within, feel the power of this timeless energy stirring and moving inside you.

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