Medicine Walks and Backyard Spiritual Adventures


Sacred Sites of California

The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir

Day trips are designed to take you to some of the local sacred sites of Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We also offer weekend and retreat excursions to the Northern California Coastline, Lake Tahoe, Mt. Shasta, and more.

Most people are unaware of sacred sites in their own backyard. Our local one-day spiritual adventures help you explore the energy of the land right here by your home.

Northern California is filled with sacred lands. Forgotten for years, we are becoming more aware of the sacred landscapes all around the world. Our local trips will introduce you to some of the special places that are right here, close to home.

On the adventure, you will open to the energy of the site and explore what it is telling you. We will walk labyrinths that take you inward, to your center. We visit cathedrals and churches, feeling the sacred energy the space holds. We travel to Sacred Mountains, waters, groves and more.

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Medicine Walks

As we walk on the land, the touch of our feet excites the earth.

A Medicine Walk is a one-day spiritual adventure, connecting you to the elements of nature, opening to your sacred self and helping you integrate more of your divinity.

It is a symbolic journey of inward discovery. As with all sacred journeys, we mark the beginning and ending with ceremony and ritual.

Similar to a vision quest, each person begins the day with an intention, clarifying the life issues or challenges that are present to them. The experience can lead you to explore deeper core issues, gain awareness and clear old energies and patterns.

By connecting with your ‘spirit guides or helpers’, you learn to use the energy and power of the sacred land as a catalyst for insights and growth.

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Backyard Spiritual Adventures

“Whenever you go on a trip to visit foreign lands or distant places, remember that they are all someone’s home and backyard.” ― Vera Nazarian

We can’t always get away for a trip to foreign lands, but we can bring ourselves to wherever we are.

There is so much beauty right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. People come from all over the world to visit the sites.

On our Backyard Spiritual Adventures we bring a sacred focus to the world right here around us. It is easy to get off-balance in our day-to-day living. A local day-trip adventure will bring you back to your connection to what is always there, the spiritual nature within yourself.

“It’s not the world that changes, but me, when I feel the loss of the sacred.”

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Ceremonies and Local Events

Ceremonies are a way to connect with energies of nature and the spirit world, as well as bringing a deeper connection within our group or community.

Ceremonies have been held in every society and culture throughout the world, but they have become lost to us in our more industrial and intellectual ways of living. We offer ceremonies to reconnect to our ancestors, to the elements of nature and to the medicine ways.

  • Life Appreciation Ceremony
  • Visioning Ceremony
  • Women’s Ceremony with the Full Moon
  • Cacao Ceremony

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What is a Spiritual Adventure?

When we feel the call for something beyond the ordinary …

Our Spirit longs for deep experience, beyond our daily routine. We feel the call to adventure, the pull of the open road, to travel, to step out and move beyond.

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