Leo Ayive Amkall

Leo Teokany

Leo Ayive Amkall, Facilitator for the Awakening of Consciousness

Leo is focused on the rediscovery of our inner being as a premise for our evolution and true transformation, combining approaches of sacred ancestral traditions, both Western and Eastern to compliment our worldview, training and connection to the essentials, DEEP, SIMPLE AND TRUE.

Trainings and Certifications
  • Member of Native American Red Road traditions from Kuantinchan Kalpulli
  • Sun Dancer in the Sacred Mountain of Ocuilan – Lakota Tradition
  • Initiated in “Wirrarika” – Huichol Shamanism
  • Initiated in Dzogchen Buddhism
  • Holistic healing attunements auric energy body “Divine Energy Study and Spiritual”
  • Reiki Healer
  • Emotional release therapist for mental suffering
  • Facilitator and Guide to Awakening Consciousness
  • Founder of Red Planetary Consciousness

Leo’s work is transformational and helps to develop the inner and outer self so that we can walk more consciously through life.

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