Argentina Magic Itinerary

Uritorco Mountain, Argentina Sacred Site
Rio Dolores, Sacred Pools
Ongamira, Sacred Sites of Argentina
Sound Ceremony, Capilla del Monte
Uritorco Sacred Mountain
Sunrise over Capilla del Monte
Los Terrones, Agentina Sacred Sites
Los Terrones, Agentina Sacred Sites

Argentina Magic: Itinerary
November 3rd-13th, 2013 (10-Days/9-Nights)

NOTE: Itinerary is flexible and subject to change. As a spiritual journey we allow for intuition and higher guidance to lead us.

Sun, Nov. 3 – Arrive in Argentina

Morning arrival at the Buenos Aires International Airport. You will be transported across the city to the domestic airport for a short flight to Cordoba. Our bus will meet you in Cordoba, where we will be transported to the small village of Capilla del Monte, at the base of Uritorco Mountain.
Settle into the hotel in Capilla del Monte, our base for the duration of our trip.

Relax, get acclimated, or take a walk around town. The town center and shopping are all within a few blocks of our accommodations.

Evening introductions with talking circle, stories and legends of the local area.

Mon, Nov. 4 – Rio Dolores

We will begin with a morning trip out to Rio Dolores. Here you can walk around, explore the rocks, and play in the cool waters of this beautiful river.

There is a short climb to the Paseo del Indio, a rock formation resembling the birth canal. We will have a water blessing and an initiation here, opening to the energy that this adventure has for each of us.

In the evening we will go out to Puerta del Cielo, the door to the sky. Here we will connect with the star-beings. This is an area known by the locals for it’s high level of ET activity.

Tues, Nov. 5 – Orgamira and Grutas

Day 3: Day trip to Orgamira, with it’s magical caves. This is a very holy place, where the Comechingone Indians chose freedom over submitting to the conquering Spaniards. There is a powerful energy here that was left behind as they consciously left the earth plane.

Afternoon and evening time will be spent together sharing our experiences so far, followed by an intentional ceremony with the sacred sounds of crystal bowls.

Wed, Nov. 6 – Capilla del Monte

Today is a day of receiving. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Capilla del Monte. Each person will be scheduled for a massage with local massage therapists. Free time to walk around town.

A side-trip to Los Paredones will be scheduled for anyone wanting to participate. Los Paredones (The Walls) is a beautiful walk along the Seco River, with lush waterfalls and granite boulders. It has a force of energy where it meets with River Dolores, and is a nice spot to enjoy the stillness of the landscape. (Approx. 3-4 kilometers from town)

Thurs, Nov. 7 – Posta del Silencio and San Marcos

Morning visit with Hugo Jaime at his Posta del Silencio. Hugo is the keeper of the ancient stories and traditions of the Comechingones Indians. His land was a sacred site where they performed ceremony, and he has created mandalas on the land with the quartz crystals of the region.
A storyteller of old, Hugo Jaime will prepare a nice lunch and share his knowledge.

After lunch we go will go to the Rio Quinto for some time by the river.

In the evening we go into the quaint little town of San Marcos de las Sierras. This town is a popular weekend getaway where the local people go to relax and unwind. You will be free to wander about the town, go shopping, visit with the local artisans, or check out the “Hippie Museum.” One of the main attractions of San Marcos is the beautiful river, where you can dip your feet and cool off in the refreshing waters.

Fri, Nov. 8 – Uritorco Mountain

Uritorco Mountain is a mystical mountain, with an energy similar to Mt. Shasta, CA. It is known for it’s UFO activity, as well as inner-earth activity. It was the center for the 2000 International Extra-Terrestrial Conference, and over 50% of the local population have reported seeing UFO’s in the area.

The group will be split with those who would like to hike to the top, and others who will ride by jeep to our base camp area at Spirit Valley. Here we will hold ceremony, connect with the energies of the mountain, and for those who wish we will ascend to the top.

Continuing to experience the power of this mountain, we will spend the night in a lodge at Spirit Valley. The rocks in this part of the world are some of the oldest mountain on the planet and this mountain is known as one of the most ancient of all. It is a place where we have a great opportunity to connect heaven and earth.

Sat, Nov. 9 – Harmonization Ceremony in Capilla

After descending from Uritorco you will have the rest of the day free to relax and rest. We will share a nice dinner at a beautiful French-style restaurant.

In the evening we will join people of the local community for a harmonization ceremony with the crystal bowls.

Sun, Nov. 10 – Los Terrones

Exploring Los Terrones, with it’s spectacular rock formations. With some of the oldest rocks on the planet, the energy is deep and profound.  We follow a path through the rocks, where the seasonal steams provide us with beautiful waterfalls and pools.  Along the trail there is a nice ceremony site for rituals and initiations.

Mon, Nov. 11 – Las Gemales

Option of riding horses in Las Gemeles, the Twin Mountains, or travel to a nearby town to do some shopping on El Camino de los Artesanos.

Dinner will be at a very nice restaurant in La Cumbre.

Tues, Nov. 12 – Departure

Pack up and say our goodbyes. Return by bus to fly out of Cordoba.

NOTE: There are many wonderful places to visit while in South America. Those who would like to extend a stay in Argentina or surrounding countries can ask for more info and recommendations. Some countries require special travel visas that must be obtained in the US, prior to your departure.

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