Teleclass: Be the Master of Your Own Spiritual Adventure

Be the Master of Your Own Spiritual Adventure

5-week teleclass is designed to give you the tools to guide you to find your truth through the journey.

Class Starts Jan. 9th, 2018 – Register Below

Cost: $79

Understanding the Spiritual Adventure, we are able to gain more depth, clarity, insights and perspective. It is an adventure of growth. It can bring us deep inner transformation.

  • What is a Spiritual Adventure?
  • What are Sacred Sites and why visit them?
  • How do I travel in a Sacred Way?
  • Where can I find sacred sites?


We cover the steps of the Spiritual Journey:

  • The Call to Adventure
  • Preparing for Your Journey
  • What is Your Intention?
  • The Journey Begins
  • Initiating Transformation
  • Surrender to the Experience
  • Release What is Ready to Go
  • Return and Integration


We learn to be open to the heroes and angels we will meet along the way.

On any hero’s journey we meet helpers, guides and angels along our path. With the universal language of a smile, hearts open and we connect.

Some of our best lessons come from unsuspecting and humble teachers. We learn through experience, taking the world in through our senses, the way a child learns.

Our Quest is filled with synchronicities and magic.

In this class you will learn to be open to what the Adventure has to offer and the experiences you will gain.

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