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Spirituality is an experiential process, it’s not just ideas and teachings, we need to experience it. Many of us have a longing to get out, into the world, and meet ourselves more deeply, seeing ourselves through the eyes of the other, walking through doorways that we know will push us to grow.

Pilgrimage, Spiritual Quest and the Transformational Journeys are designed to take us on this path. This book will help guide you along the way, helping you to become your own best guide and find your answers within. Whether you travel with a group or leader, or on your own, these practices and steps will help you understand the experience. The true journey is your’s alone.

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“With a reverence for sacred space and an adventurous spirit, Ixchel Tucker has captured the essence of what makes for good Pilgrims and pilgrimages. Her newest book is a delight to read with practical tips for those who are preparing to venture out on their first pilgrimage and wisdom for the seasoned traveler. I enjoyed reading it very much.”

Donna Ruth Glory

Teacher and Spiritual Guide

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What is Mastery?

In this course, I refer to your Mastery as the practice of bringing conscious awareness and intention to your acts.


Travel With Intention

Your intention will inform your experience. Each quest you take may have a different purpose or meaning to you and will likely be very relevant to what is going on in your life at the time.


The Spiritual Adventure

Get out of your comfort zone and we are faced with the grit of life. Meet other cultures, visit sacred space, ‘call or invoke’ Divine help and guidance … and be transformed.


Travel in a Sacred Way

Sacred Travel is travel with purpose and intention. Travel as a Seeker or a Pilgrim. Allow the magic to come alive!


Sacred Sites, Thin Places, Ley Lines

Sacred sites will amplify the energy within you. What this means is that whatever is happening within you gets stronger and more intense.


Synchronicity, Messages, Signs and Meanings

Let go of your agendas and ideas of how and what should happen and follow the path that opens up for you as the magic unfolds.

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