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spiritual counselingSpiritual Counseling & Mentoring

Discover Magic In Ordinary Life!

Our spiritual counseling is designed to help you see life from a more mystical and magical perspective. It is simple and practical, giving you the tools to go through life with greater ease and joy.

Practical Spirituality

There are many people who go around talking about spirituality, what it is, what it isn’t.

I see spirituality in a very practical way. Being spiritual is intrinsic to our being, it is a part of our basic nature. We don’t have to follow any practice to be spiritual. We don’t have to be ‘spiritual enough’. We are that already. We are Divine and Spiritual Beings!

We are also human beings, living in this body and the more of our sacred and true self that we bring in or connect with the more at ease we feel. When we bring our spiritual nature into our physical bodies, this is true connection.

In this way, living our spirituality becomes very simple. It is simply living who we are, coming from knowing ourselves, our true selves.

Sometimes being truly ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ is enough to discover the wisdom that you’ve always had within you.

My goal is not to set you up with a long and drawn out set of services. When you find your own truth, it is simply a matter of redirecting you back to that which you already know. Most people find that one or two individual sessions are enough to accomplish this.

Find your juice, find your passion, find what makes you alive!

Most of us have been taught to forget about our dreams and ideas, and to live in the real world is about compromise. I believe that your passion and your dreams are who you are, they are unique to you, and that following your dreams is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for this world. Together, let us rediscover the dreams you’ve buried. Let’s explore how you can make them real in the world.

Delve Into New Perspectives With:

“There are two things that make sense to me about this crazy life. I believe in the fire of purpose that burns bright in all of us. I really do. I believe that every one has a sacred purpose. And I believe in love in all its forms. These are the cornerstones of my existence and keep me going. The rest of reality makes very little sense to me. But that’s okay. I got two solid legs to stand on. What do you stand on? What keeps you going, gives you hope, wakes you up every day? What makes sense to you?” ~ Jeff Brown

  • Sacred Feminine – Understanding how to bring in more of your feminine aspects. Feminine qualities include connecting, subtle energies, intuition, going into the dark and unknown to birth the true potential.
  • Sacred Masculine – The Masculine is about taking action. It is the power and force of moving forward. When we bring action into the world from a strong knowing of ourself, we are balanced. Sacred Masculine isn’t about owning or conquering, it is about this knowing of self is so strong that from there we create, build, protect and sometimes even fight for what is right. It is the strength of the warrior.
  • Love as our Nature – We are here to love, share love, be in love. Love is the highest vibration of the Universe. We must first learn to know and love ourselves, then we can learn to love without expectations, while coming from our core and expressing our needs and desires. Deeply loving is always a win/win.
  • Magic and Miracles – Recognize the magic and miracles in your life all around you. The world is a magical place and when you see your part in creating the life you live, then you are empowered to bring in even more and more of the miraculous life you were born to live.

Classes and Other Services Offered

We also offer ongoing classes and sacred site journeys where we connect more in group settings where we learn more about living, being and supporting each other in conscious community.

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