Divine Awakening with Spiritual Counselingby Ixchel Tucker

When I began on a spiritual path I thought I needed to go on some long search to discover who I was, what my purpose was, and how I fit into the Divine Plan.

I’ve learned that the quest for deeper knowing is much easier then I ever thought. Rather then searching for something that always seemed elusively far out of reach, I found that it is more like peeling the layers of an onion. My Sacred Self is quite simply the self that has always been within me. It’s that piece of my identity that I go to whenever I am challenged. It’s the part that I’ve always kind of wished I could be, but never thought I possibly could.

Once I found her, I realized it isn’t so impossible or scary to be her. In fact, it is quite simple. Since I know her and know what she looks like I can keep going back to “seeing” her more, recognizing her and expressing from that part of me. I know what she likes, what’s important to her, and basically everything else I’ve done was numbing me to be less than who I am.

Think about it, it’s a pretty crazy world where being such a divine being is seen as wrong, while being asleep and being ‘like’ everyone else is what is most encouraged.

I challenge you, I want to see the true you, the Sacred You that’s always there!! I want to see YOU SHINE!!

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Ixchel Tucker, Spiritual GuideIxchel lives life as a Sacred Quest. Her journeys have taken her to Sacred Sites around the world, landing in Mexico, where she lives part of the year. Her passion is to help others open to their own Sacred Self.She works with people in a very experiential way, preferring awakening through adventure and movement. Ixchel has a deep connection to the ancient places of the world, where people before us have left their mark.

Ixchel facilitates personal transformation through workshops, ceremonies, retreats and sacred site adventures.  Read more about Ixchel …

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